Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Today is a Yeah Yeah Yeahs kind of day....

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London Loves LA


Have you got the post-Coachella blues? Or just want to show your love for the best desert festival EVER on earth?  Our 'Life Is Better At Coachella' vests and tees are on sale at 20% off for this week only. Get yours HERE.

Here is what we have paired it with for our outfit inspo of the week.  A cute pair of J Brand jean shorts, an Oh My Love London metallic pink backpack, an Eliurpi flower crown, a pair of rad Caterpillar boots and these AMAZING sunglasses that we cannot for the life of us find anywhere online. SEND HELP.

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London Loves LA


This weekend we went to Barcelona for our best friend Matilda's stag party.

We met her at the airport at ridiculous o'clock on Friday, all twelve of us dressed up like her fiance James in stripy tees, black jeans and glasses. 

It was THE BEST day ever.  We had a dares war (what's up sweet valley high) which culminated in a four piece mariachi band following Tilda around for a full four hours, and then us all dressing up as 'Tilda Through The Years' for an evening of games and partying.

On Saturday we had a 5 hour, prosecco-fuelled lunch at a tapas bar, and then went to the amazing Eclipse bar at The W.  It is on the 36th floor of the hotel and the views of Barcelona are insane! 

We're now in London, so sad to be back and completely ruined, having not strung a full sentence together since around Friday at 12pm.

It was the perfect way to send Tilda off into her beautiful new life.

The first of many serenades for Tilda


Beautiful bride to be

Tilda Through The Years

Barcelona Babes Lili, Sophie and Kim

Lizey and Tilda at The W

Our gorgeous Stag

We hope you like the photos!

Lots of love,

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Thursday, 17 April 2014


We flew back from Coachella on Tuesday to throw our very own Fauxchella party with our BFF brands Bambi + Manson and My Flash Trash.  

The party was at Mahiki London and we had a special menu made of delicious cocktails named after each of our brands. Our London Loves LA cocktail had wine AND vodka in it (from what we can remember), and a splash of elderflower.

The music was 90s pop and r&b, there was a bindi bar and a hair braiding bar, plus at one point a guy handed a live snake around for the guests to hold.  IT WAS A DREAM. 

Loads of friends of our brand came down to drown their Coachella FOMO blues, and here is a selection of our favourite photos from the night: 

Polly Bambi + Manson, Amber Atherton, Ella London Loves LA

Maggie Bartrop (R) and friend

Polly Bambi + Manson, Jim Bambi + Manson and friend

Athina Andrelos, Alice Casely-Hayford, Nora Yassin and Eva Ramirez

                                                    Polly Bambi + Manson and friend

Amber Atherton (R) and friend

Neon Jungle

Tabby Richards

Kara Rose Marshall and Ashley James

Angelica Mandy and Amber Atherton

Kara Rose Marshall, Amber Atherton and Ashley James

We can't wait for next year!!!

E+S xo
London Loves LA

Tuesday, 15 April 2014


So, obviously we had the TIME OF OUR LIVES at Coachella this weekend! 

It truly is the best place on earth and we are so lucky to have gone for the fourth year in a row. It's one of those places that gets better the more you get to know it as it can seem pretty overwhelming the first time you go.  Let us know if you ever want to hear any of our Coachella life hacks as we've definitely racked up a couple- we've definitely done our fair share of hitchhiking back to our hotel at 3am which should be avoided at ALL costs!

Some highlights this year included watching Haim smash the life out of their set, inducting some old friends into the Airhead 101 club, hanging out at the Soho House pool party, Bey + Solange blowing our minds with a joint dance routine on Saturday night (WE LOVE SISTERS), actually riding the famous Coachella ferris wheel for the first time EVER and SO MUCH MORE.

We were asked to cover the festival for Company Magazine this year and you can read all about our packing process here.

Here is a selection of some of our favourite moments from this years festival...we hope you like the photos  ♥  ♥  

   Backstage at Coachella

                                                    The perfect Chloe Norgaard at the Soho House Party

Soph, Claire Byrne and Laura Whitmore in our AIRHEAD 101 tees

Flying High at Coachella

BABE Jenn Im

Bey and Solange KILLING IT duh <3

The famous Coachella palms

 Our best friend Jaime Bradley at the Soho House party

Sophie London Loves LA with Sam Smith


The HAIM girls nailing it

What do you think? Will you go next year?

Check out our instagram for more photos!!!

Loads of love, 

E+S xo
London Loves LA 

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