Friday, 13 June 2014

In other news....Kylie Jenner is a babe

We've become a little bit obsessed with Kylie Jenner.  As MUCH as we love Khloe, we think Kylie may be our new no.1 Jenner/Kardashian/whatever no.1.  She has that casual, slightly grungy look DOWN and you know we love a girl in a Harley tee. Let’s take you through our FIVE favourite things about Kylie…

1. The obvious. She has blue hair sometimes. Just when we thought we were over the dip dye....

     2. She worships at the alter of plaid as much as we do.  Plaid goes with everything,

3. This might be the coolest outfit she’s ever worn. LOVE a cutoff Harley Davidson cutoff tee. Especially with the blue hair.

4. She’s (really) experimenting with makeup at the moment, and we think she looks like a 90s babe in this dark, almost burgundy lipstick.

5. Kylie (and Kendall) really went all out for Coachella this year.  We love a trier. This photo basically encapsulates our two favourite things- SISTAS and FESTI BABES!

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