Friday, 1 August 2014


So we're having a party this Sunday 3rd August with some of our best friends....and you're all invited! 

The Night 2 Day Weekender: The Denim Disco is at Vibe Bar on Brick Lane from 2pm-8pm.  It's free entry, and there's going to be candy floss, amazing music, a silent disco, photo booths and drinks (duh).  

We've been prepping over the last couple of days and think that we have a really good selection of London Loves LA pieces, with amazing pop up discounts!

The best part of the entire day is that three of our FAVOURITE brands are going to be there too. The party has been curated by the amazing Bambi + Manson, and our favourites My Flash Trash and Skinniebelle will also be popping up there.  We're SO EXCITED.  

Hopefully see you there!! xo

Vibe Bar
91-95 Brick Lane
London E1 6QL

Friday, 27 June 2014

Wednesday, 25 June 2014


A couple of weeks ago we teamed up with one of our BFFs Ella (of the fabulous boutique Skinniebelle) and the result is this sun-drenched DREAM of a lookbook: LA BELLES. 

Skinniebelle is an online boutique that celebrates young talent from across the globe, sourcing clothes from LDN, LA, NY, Bali and Australia! We love their girly but grungy vibe and they really are the perfect match for London Loves LA.

We has such a fun day shooting with Ella, and our two gorgeous models Lauren and Kirstine.  We love the shots of our new West Coast and Wannabe tie dye tees, and fell in love with Skinniebelle's Swim Good swimsuits! The shoot was OBVIOUSLY full of american candy, inflatable flamingos and an azure blue swimming pool because GIRLS DO IT BEST DUH <3 

Shop Skinniebelle's amazing summer pieces here, and ours right hurrrrrre!


Friday, 13 June 2014

In other news....Kylie Jenner is a babe

We've become a little bit obsessed with Kylie Jenner.  As MUCH as we love Khloe, we think Kylie may be our new no.1 Jenner/Kardashian/whatever no.1.  She has that casual, slightly grungy look DOWN and you know we love a girl in a Harley tee. Let’s take you through our FIVE favourite things about Kylie…

1. The obvious. She has blue hair sometimes. Just when we thought we were over the dip dye....

     2. She worships at the alter of plaid as much as we do.  Plaid goes with everything,

3. This might be the coolest outfit she’s ever worn. LOVE a cutoff Harley Davidson cutoff tee. Especially with the blue hair.

4. She’s (really) experimenting with makeup at the moment, and we think she looks like a 90s babe in this dark, almost burgundy lipstick.

5. Kylie (and Kendall) really went all out for Coachella this year.  We love a trier. This photo basically encapsulates our two favourite things- SISTAS and FESTI BABES!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014


In honour of our babelicious new flatmate Maggie, we thought we'd do a blog post dedicated to her number one style icon- Margot Tenenbaum.  We helped Maggie move in on Sunday, and have never seen such an impressive collection of faux fur coats and luxe sportswear.  Pair your fake fur with a cute tennis dress, a slick parting and some smudged eye liner and you have Margot's look DOWN.  Cigarette and Hermes bag (as if) optional. 

Monday, 9 June 2014


This is our new pal at London Loves LA....her name is Bear! She is 10 weeks old, and is a Yorkie/Pomeranian cross.  She is super cute and sleepy 90% of the time, and the other 10% she is completely nuts. WE LOVE HER SO MUCH.  We're trying our hardest to train her but mainly she just likes to curl up and sleep next to Sophie's head on her pillow. How can you resist that little face!? Here are some of our favourite photos of Bear taken in the last 2 weeks since she came into our lives...

Sunday chilling....

Bears first car journey....
Bear's godfather Hubs...

The only way she'll sleep.... 

The dog whisperer....

And finally...the time Bear crawled in for a snuggle with our bbs Rocky. Heart. Broken. </3

Friday, 6 June 2014


Have you seen our new tie dye West Coast tees? WE'RE OBSESSED...IS THAT OK?

Here is the tee in a cute festival fashion edit....We hope you like it! XO

Thursday, 15 May 2014


We L.O.V.E the song 'Don't Wait' by's perfect for a chilled Thursday working in the sun.

Tuesday, 6 May 2014


To celebrate our original black Teenage Runaway sweatshirt being on sale at £22 we have created a dream OOTD around it. 

These A-Morir sunglasses are still breaking our heart, and this Miu Miu bag is perfect! We love these high end pieces teamed with the casual Nike trainers and Minnie ears.

What do you think? We think this outfit is perfect for a weekend road trip to Palm Springs with your BFFs <3

Friday, 2 May 2014

Say hello to our summer obsession....

We are totally smitten-kitten over sunglasses brand A-morir. After including the dream catcher sunglasses in our Coachella inspo post, we surfed and surfed and SURFED the web until we could learn everything we possibly could about the brand and their designer. Designed by Kerin Rose Gold they're the most perfect festival accessory - glitter, sparkles, gold, feathers, hamsas.... and FISH!


<3 <3 <3

Thursday, 1 May 2014


We're in Now Magazine this week! Our Airhead 101 cutoff tee has been selected as part of their Clueless edit (WHICH IS OBVIOUSLY THE DREAM!)

Here are some of our favourite photos of friends of London Loves LA in their Airhead 101 tees and sweats:

 Sophie, Claire Byrne and Laura Whitmore at Coachella

 Kara Rose Marshall being a babe as per

 Lilah Parsons joining the Airhead 101 club

Blogger Goldendiamonds working the sweatshirt style

Bianca Summer rocking hers in Malibu

AIRHEAD101 is available now here, in 3 styles.

Lots of love,

E+S xo
London Loves LA

No words...

Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Today is a Yeah Yeah Yeahs kind of day....

E+S xo
London Loves LA


Have you got the post-Coachella blues? Or just want to show your love for the best desert festival EVER on earth?  Our 'Life Is Better At Coachella' vests and tees are on sale at 20% off for this week only. Get yours HERE.

Here is what we have paired it with for our outfit inspo of the week.  A cute pair of J Brand jean shorts, an Oh My Love London metallic pink backpack, an Eliurpi flower crown, a pair of rad Caterpillar boots and these AMAZING sunglasses that we cannot for the life of us find anywhere online. SEND HELP.

E+S xo
London Loves LA


This weekend we went to Barcelona for our best friend Matilda's stag party.

We met her at the airport at ridiculous o'clock on Friday, all twelve of us dressed up like her fiance James in stripy tees, black jeans and glasses. 

It was THE BEST day ever.  We had a dares war (what's up sweet valley high) which culminated in a four piece mariachi band following Tilda around for a full four hours, and then us all dressing up as 'Tilda Through The Years' for an evening of games and partying.

On Saturday we had a 5 hour, prosecco-fuelled lunch at a tapas bar, and then went to the amazing Eclipse bar at The W.  It is on the 36th floor of the hotel and the views of Barcelona are insane! 

We're now in London, so sad to be back and completely ruined, having not strung a full sentence together since around Friday at 12pm.

It was the perfect way to send Tilda off into her beautiful new life.

The first of many serenades for Tilda


Beautiful bride to be

Tilda Through The Years

Barcelona Babes Lili, Sophie and Kim

Lizey and Tilda at The W

Our gorgeous Stag

We hope you like the photos!

Lots of love,

S+E xo

Thursday, 17 April 2014


We flew back from Coachella on Tuesday to throw our very own Fauxchella party with our BFF brands Bambi + Manson and My Flash Trash.  

The party was at Mahiki London and we had a special menu made of delicious cocktails named after each of our brands. Our London Loves LA cocktail had wine AND vodka in it (from what we can remember), and a splash of elderflower.

The music was 90s pop and r&b, there was a bindi bar and a hair braiding bar, plus at one point a guy handed a live snake around for the guests to hold.  IT WAS A DREAM. 

Loads of friends of our brand came down to drown their Coachella FOMO blues, and here is a selection of our favourite photos from the night: 

Polly Bambi + Manson, Amber Atherton, Ella London Loves LA

Maggie Bartrop (R) and friend

Polly Bambi + Manson, Jim Bambi + Manson and friend

Athina Andrelos, Alice Casely-Hayford, Nora Yassin and Eva Ramirez

                                                    Polly Bambi + Manson and friend

Amber Atherton (R) and friend

Neon Jungle

Tabby Richards

Kara Rose Marshall and Ashley James

Angelica Mandy and Amber Atherton

Kara Rose Marshall, Amber Atherton and Ashley James

We can't wait for next year!!!

E+S xo
London Loves LA
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