Tuesday, 29 April 2014


This weekend we went to Barcelona for our best friend Matilda's stag party.

We met her at the airport at ridiculous o'clock on Friday, all twelve of us dressed up like her fiance James in stripy tees, black jeans and glasses. 

It was THE BEST day ever.  We had a dares war (what's up sweet valley high) which culminated in a four piece mariachi band following Tilda around for a full four hours, and then us all dressing up as 'Tilda Through The Years' for an evening of games and partying.

On Saturday we had a 5 hour, prosecco-fuelled lunch at a tapas bar, and then went to the amazing Eclipse bar at The W.  It is on the 36th floor of the hotel and the views of Barcelona are insane! 

We're now in London, so sad to be back and completely ruined, having not strung a full sentence together since around Friday at 12pm.

It was the perfect way to send Tilda off into her beautiful new life.

The first of many serenades for Tilda


Beautiful bride to be

Tilda Through The Years

Barcelona Babes Lili, Sophie and Kim

Lizey and Tilda at The W

Our gorgeous Stag

We hope you like the photos!

Lots of love,

S+E xo

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