Thursday, 17 April 2014


We flew back from Coachella on Tuesday to throw our very own Fauxchella party with our BFF brands Bambi + Manson and My Flash Trash.  

The party was at Mahiki London and we had a special menu made of delicious cocktails named after each of our brands. Our London Loves LA cocktail had wine AND vodka in it (from what we can remember), and a splash of elderflower.

The music was 90s pop and r&b, there was a bindi bar and a hair braiding bar, plus at one point a guy handed a live snake around for the guests to hold.  IT WAS A DREAM. 

Loads of friends of our brand came down to drown their Coachella FOMO blues, and here is a selection of our favourite photos from the night: 

Polly Bambi + Manson, Amber Atherton, Ella London Loves LA

Maggie Bartrop (R) and friend

Polly Bambi + Manson, Jim Bambi + Manson and friend

Athina Andrelos, Alice Casely-Hayford, Nora Yassin and Eva Ramirez

                                                    Polly Bambi + Manson and friend

Amber Atherton (R) and friend

Neon Jungle

Tabby Richards

Kara Rose Marshall and Ashley James

Angelica Mandy and Amber Atherton

Kara Rose Marshall, Amber Atherton and Ashley James

We can't wait for next year!!!

E+S xo
London Loves LA

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